Friday, 13 October 2017

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

No Brainer!

No live broadcast this week, as I have a cold, and no one wants to see that! I'm talking about our brains on and off booze this week, and PAWS!

No Brainer!

Also, as the Seasonal Booze Madness is soon upon us - Thanksgiving, Halloween, Office Christmas Parties, Christmas...and finally New Year - I am hosting six LIVE seminars to help the newly sober, or struggling to be sober through these (sometimes stressful) event without 'taking the edge off" with booze.

There are six seminars, easy to join ,just sign up and I'll send you a link, you can join in a live Q & A, via a messaging system, or send me your questions beforehand, there are downloadable print-outs, cheat sheets, and even some recipes for mocktails in some of the seminars, plus bonus stuff for live attendees.
You will automatically get access to the replay plus materials. Once the event has been held, it will still be possible to sign up for replays.

The first one is 6th October - so quick, sign up and I'll see you there!

Sign Up here

WB xx